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High Temperature Grease
SFR 2522 Grease is fortified with the same specialized extreme-pressure additives used in SFR 100. It contains moly and utilizes a Lithium complex Soap that has a high resistance to softening and removal by water.
Because of its tremendous resistance to consistency change, SFR 2522 Grease displays excellent mechanical stability and can be used in a wide range of industrial and chassis applications.
SRF 2522 High Temperature Grease
Item #S35026      $4.95 - 14 oz. Tube      
Item #S35026      $44.75 - Case of 10 14-oz. Tubes
Item #S35020T    $6.65 - 1 lb. Tub
Item #S35020T    $69.50 - Case of 12 1-lb. Tubs
Item #S35022      $162.50 - 35 lb. Pail
Item #S35028      $475.00 - 120 lb. Keg
Item #S35021      CALL - 400 lb. Drum (Special Order Only)
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